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Membership 2015

Please renew or become a member of the Western New York Peace Center. Your membership is critical at this time as we work to make the Peace Center a more effective organization and secure the staff we need to move forward.

Membership Levels: (expressed as a time-equivalent of US war spending)

  • Student/Low Income: $10     ...(0.50 milliseconds)
  • Peacenik: $50                    ...(2.5 milliseconds)
  • Sustainer's Circle: $125     ...(6.25 milliseconds)
  • Director's Circle: $250     ...(12.5 milliseconds)
  • Major Donor: $1,000     ...(50 milliseconds)
  • Lifetime Membership: $2,500     ...(125 milliseconds)

Membership Levels
The U.S. spends $1.2 million every minute on war, or $20,000 every second (www.oneminuteforpeace.org)


You can also donate by making a check payable to: WNY Peace Center, and mailing your check to: 1272 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo NY, 14209.

The Peace Center is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your membership is tax-deductible.