Stop US weapons sale to Saudis + Stop Nuclear Waste Shipments!

Dear Friends 50th Year 716-332-3904; 716-931-3520

The struggle continues! Make your demands known to your representatives in Congress and the Senate regarding huge arms sales to Saudi Arabia! Join the protest against Highly Radioactive Nuclear Waste Shipments! That and more, right here.

Many Thanks, Peace, Solidarity, and yes, Love.


Help stop the U.S. sale of $110 Billion arms to Saudi Arabia!
This arms deal is the largest arms deal in U.S. history, and it’s being offered to a country that’s been indiscriminately bombing Yemen with U.S. support for over two years, killing thousands of civilians in the process.
Thankfully, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is planning to introduce a bill anytime now to block a key component of the arms deal; the portion containing munitions being used against civilians in Yemen. Thanks to the Arms Export Control Act, Paul can actually force a vote in the Senate, making this a crucial time for your Senators to hear from you. You can write to your representatives at the following address:


Resist Militarism! Meeting
Come out for an action-planning meeting for our women in the military play and possible street theatre at the Infringement Festival; showing of National Bird;

Communities connected to Protect (LASC Coffeehouse 5/22/17)

Photo: J Dominguez
Immigrants, refugees, people without papers – when they are other-than-caucasian, that’s when there’s an issue, to paraphrase our of our wonderful speakers, Leila Cassandra Bocanegra. Black and brown families especially, Asian and Muslim families – families suffer, as her family has, when ICE and Border Patrol agents are stopping and harassing based on racial profiling. The suffering can be even worse with incarceration and/or deportation, tearing families apart and terrorizing whole communities

We had an intense evening of inspiration and shared grief, information and action planning, as our panel shared their knowledge and experience of all kinds re “Understanding ICE and Border Patrol – Protecting Immigrants.”

John Llory Ghertner MD (Migrant Support Services Wayne County, and Greater Rochester Coalition for Immigration Justice), recognized specialist and devoted activist.
Leila Cassandra Bocanegra, Bachelors from SUNY-Geneseo, winner of numerous awards and recognition of her stellar community service and activism in Rochester, NY
Peter Mares (Rural and Migrant Ministry), advocate, immigrant, community outreach worker and US citizen.
John Curr III (New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) Western Regional Office Chapter Director), expert on civil rights and accountability, and dedicated to justice.

Besides videotaping harassment and standing up for human rights – both at gathering re same and even more importantly when someone’s rights are being violated – people are urged to

Call your NY State Legislators! Numbers are at the bottom of this post (also under Governmental Contact Info under the Issues/Taskforces tab of this website). Ask them to support immigrants, refugees, people without papers, and migrant farmworkers by voting for
the Farmworker Fair Labor Practices Act – Senate Bill 2721/Assembly Bill 4189. It gives

Movement-Building, Strategic Planning; and more

Dear Friends 50th Year 716-332-3904; 716-931-3520

The national scene is incredible – hard to believe, and yet it was predictable. We resist the attack on the common good and the planet: all together now! Here we go! You can always check our website ( – better by computer than by phone! – and our Facebook page.

Our 50th Annual Membership Meeting and Potluck/Snack-Luck, 2pm on this Saturday, May 20, will be an opportunity to put our heads together for strategizing and planning. We’ll also enjoy the great spirit and yes love that we all share or we would be doing this work together!! Join us at the WNYPC/NRC, 1272 Delaware Ave (entrance & pkg round back). See you there! Aloha! Si, se puede!!

Many Thanks, Peace, Solidarity, and yes Love.



Protest (Highly-Radioactive) Nuclear Waste Shipments!
May 19 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
About 6M Gallons of HIGHLY Radioactive liquid Nuclear Waste are going over the Peace Bridge approx every 2 weeks for the next 4 years! The environmental risks are huge!! One quart of this highly radioactive liquid is enough to destroy the water supply of any North American city. Join us at Front Park (by the tennis courts), Buffalo NY to protest. (Enter Front Park from Porter Ave; Front Park entrance is just before traffic circle.)

There’s no need to transport these materials through hundreds of communities, over public roads