The Western New York Peace Center has been working for Peace through Justice at Home and Abroad, since its founding in 1967 as a chapter of Rev. Dr. King’s Clergy and Laity Concerned. We are dedicated to enriching the quality of life of our local and global communities through the prevention of violence to people and the planet. Peaceful conflict resolution among people and within institutions, especially for youth, is central to our mission.

We uphold human rights and challenge oppression, power imbalances, and systemic issues that hurt the quality of life for all. We strive for economic and educational justice and respect for people of all cultures.

While our nine taskforces focus on issue areas such as Gender Justice, Racial Justice, Prisoners’ Rights, Immigrant & Refugee Justice, Resist Militarism!, etc., we stress the interconnectedness of our issues, Uniting in the Struggle and Movement-Building. We provide many opportunities to learn about, reflect, and act constructively to address issues of concern to our membership. As a force for progressive change, the Peace Center serves as an incubator for new ideas and the promotion of activism.