Weekly Announcements

Announcements: Jan. 5, 2017

Dear Friends,

Many thanks to the many of you who came out today (in the biting cold ), and to you all for all of your activism, support, and solidarity!!

As you’’ll have noted, there’s a lot going on! More every day! We must stop the drumbeat toward more hate, war-mongering, and injustice. So here’s a supplemental (and slightly tweaked )weekly update including a few newly popped up events:
Sat, Jan 7, 3-5pm, Free Leonard Peltier!– Watch Movie, Sign Petitions, etc. all at Burning Books, 420 Connecticut St., Buffalo. Come watch “Warrior– The Life of Leonard Peltier” and sign petitions, send post cards to urge Pres. Obama in his last moments to grant Clemency to Leonard Peltier! Also, you can go to http://www.freepeltiernow.org/ for more info.

“We Resist Being Squeezed” Thurs 11-1; Resistance Wkend; more

two Thursday events:

Thurs, Jan 5, 11am-1pm “We Resist Being Squeezed” – stand in silent vigil lining the street with signs (bring your own statement!) to shame those spending $5,000 for lunch with Kelly Ann Conway, Trump advisor. Tentatively set for Westin Hotel/Delaware North Bldg, 250 Delaware – more

Sandy Hook Commemoration Postponed; add’l listings

Dear Friends,

The Sandy Hook Commemoration planned for tonight at Hallwalls is being
postponed due to hazardous weather. Remember the loving families – and
we’ll let you know about rescheduling the planned “Newtown” showing and

You might also want to check out the wonderful book “Nurturing Healing
Love; a mother’s journey of hope and forgiveness” by Scarlett Lewis. She
lost her beloved son Jesse, and has since transformed her pain into the
“Nuturing Healing Love” that was what he’d written on his blackboard