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Tragedy in Las Vegas; Gun Control & Tax Legislation; Tom Porter in Tuskarora; ++

Dear Friends, 50th year 716-332-3904; 716-931-3520 10/2/17

Apologies for another “Frequent Update” so immediately, but we needed to share:

*Deep condolences for all affected by the tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas. The grieving families and friends, the wounded, the many … the whole country again shocked and horrified. May the legislators uphold their responsibility to the country rather than cater to the NRA’s $$. Enough is enough – it is way past time to talk about it. We must DO something about it!!!

**Correction: Tom Porter – or Sakokwenionkwas – will speak 10/3 at the Tuscarora Nation House

Disaster Relief; Anne Frank Conf Tu/Wed; World on Your Plate F/Sat

(photo from No Hate No Mandate; 1/20/17; taken by Activists of Buffalo)

Dear Friends, 50th year 716-332-3904; 716-931-3520 10/2/17

We are almost out of signs in the #loveisloveBUF campaign! (in which someone’s mean-spirited and dangerous sign-burning is igniting a movement) – so come out to get them while they last. More info here.

Please donate generously for hurricane and earthquake relief in Puerto Rico, Cuba, Mexico. See below – and please note a number of new and worthwhile campaigns!

If you haven’t already, you’ll want to buy tickets for our 50th Annual Dinner with the renown
***************** AMY GOODMAN!!!! *******************

on Friday, Nov. 3. She’ll be talking about her 21 years at Democracy Now!, the best news show in the

Lots of Actions – Some Right Now!

Dear Friends, 50th year 716-332-3904; 716-931-3520 9/20/17

Another busy week! It includes the #loveisloveBUF campaign kickoff, where someone’s mean-spirited and dangerous sign-burning will help ignite our movement. Activists of Buffalo, Stronger Together WNY, and the WNYPC invite others to share in this campaign – see below.

Below are event listings; campaigns; regularly scheduled events – all in that order. Please note a few new campaigns.

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Just remember, we’re all together in the ONE STRUGGLE! And Si, Se Puede!!