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Women’s Solidarity March – WNY

On January 21, 2018, thousands of women, femmes and allies will come together to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Women’s March and to launch our collective 2018 Women’s March agenda: #PowerToThe Polls.

Last year, over 3,000 people gathered in downtown Buffalo to send a message that we remain a humanitarian, inclusive majority that believes ALL people are deserving of dignity, respect, and the fundamental American promises of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

We’ll march on Sunday, January 21; step-off is at 2:30 pm at Buffalo City Hall. Let us know you’re coming by RSVPing on our Women’s Solidarity March – WNY event page on Facebook.


Support Democracy Now!

Democracy Now! is an independent news show hosted by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. Amy Goodman was the speaker at our 50th annual dinner and we are actively working to support independent news stations like Democracy Now! who focus on news stories that do not get air time in popular media. We value this type of journalism and hope that you will help us to support bringing Democracy Now! to stations in Buffalo! Below is a link to more information on Democracy Now!

Please go to their website and donate, subscribe to their daily digest, and call local stations to encourage them to pick up Democracy Now!:


Cariol Horne Whistleblower Fund

This fund was created by the Racial Justice Taskforce and is designated for police officers who meet the following requirements: 1) The officer must have acted for the public good (to uphold the human rights or civil rights of citizens) and 2) The officer must be able to show that they have faced reprisals that have caused financial harm.

It was named after an officer in Buffalo, Cariol Horne, who stopped an incident of police brutality and was fired after this incident. Please donate to support officers who are upholding the human and civil rights of citizens! Follow this link to find out more information about Cariol Horne and donate:


Love is Love

#loveisloveBUF is an ongoing campaign that started Sept 23 with a sign-burning that is igniting a movement! The ashes from the burning of the progressive, truth-and-love-oriented sign formed a heart, and we are supplying the sign at all WNY Peace Center -sponsored events, while supplies last. More background at

The signs are also available at Thin Ice, from Activists of Buffalo, and from Stronger Together WNY – Action Together Network at the Book Club. We are also taking donations to keep the campaign going!



CEDAW Ordinance:

CEDAW or the Convention for the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women is an ordinance that creates processes to ensure that policies and their implementation are beneficial to people of all genders. This would include data collection and reporting which would inform about inequities within various systems such as employment and education.  So far there has been a hearing in city hall where dozens of people advocated for women’s rights and urged Buffalo Common Council people to consider tabling this ordinance.

Follow this link for the numbers for common council representatives to call and share your support of this ordinance! 


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