#StillResisting perSisters – Women’s Solidarity March ~5K! Truth Commission 1/25!

Dear Friends! 716-332-3904; 716-931-3520 1/24/18

The #StillResisting Weekend was amazing!! Huge thanks to the 35 cosponsors for sharing, and to the ~5,000 who participated!!

We had
– a wonderful time with our friends Science Demands Action (/Buffalo March for Science) at great sign-making parties on Friday and Sunday, with scores of participants;

– a day to remember gathering and going on the #StillResisting Bus to Women’s March in Seneca Falls, the birthplace of the US Women’s Movement (on this 100th year after we women won the right to vote!). Many thanks to Maureen Milligan and the stalwart bus-full!! What a time!;

– 4,500-5,000 –yes!!- at the Sunday Women’s Solidarity March!! (police estimate). Not only was the turnout record-breaking, the Spirit and principles very evident, the speakers fantastic, and the support overwhelming, but the message also came through loud and clear – Equality, Empowerment and SOLIDARITY!!
Attendees and reporters seemed crystal clear the we were there to #UnitetheStruggles in Truth and Love.

Woman’s Solidarity March – 4.5-5K – We’re Growing and We Shall Overcome!!

What an inspiring #StillResisting Weekend!!! Amazing to have had you all – us all – together for people and the planet!! #UnitetheStruggles #PowertothePolls #PowerWITH-NOTPowerOver!!

Some 4,500-5,000 came out to stand up and march for Each Other, for human rights, gender justice, racial justice,  – immigrants and refugees, trans and Muslim – the poor, the oppressed and the prisoners of every injustice.

THAT is who and what we were marching for, and that is WHY We Shall Overcome.

We did not come out for hate but for Love, not to blame but to inspire, not to curse but to develop the courage and the faith to know that we can change the world, we can make a difference, and together, si, se puede!!!

Those who think it’s just about women’s rights – well seems they didn’t read our plan or hear our speakers. However imperfectly, we are trying to #unitethestruggles

We also couldn’t be more grateful to our more-than-wonderful speakers, singers, drummers, helpers of every kind, and last but especially cosponsors. Thank you/Asanti/Gracias/Tashakor/Sucran/Moracozay/Sukriya/Polikalal/ShehSheh/Merci from the bottom of our hearts!!!!  #UnitetheStruggles!!!!

Women’s Solidarity March 2pm City Hall #StillResisting Wkend; >1.5k attending, incl comm leaders, elected officials

Dear Friends! 716-332-3904; 716-931-3520 1/20/18

The #StillResisting Weekend is in full swing!! We’re so grateful to our 35 cosponsors who have promoted the events such that we now have over 1,000 signed up for the Sunday Women’s Solidarity March!! #wepersistBUF!!

The big event is the 2pm Pre-Luminaries; with the March at 2:30 (leaving fairly quickly) as we keep moving – Andare! We shall overcome – with the community women leaders leading – and some men! Thanks-Giving, Music, More – below!! Or for those of you who prefer, you can go to our website calendar.
#powertothepolls as we #unitethestruggles

Lots of great events and important happening this week (+info below) –
– Mon, A Cancer Vaccine – Cuba/Bflo 7pm Canisius Col Sci Lounge

– Mon, Interfaith Climate Justice Community, Special Guest, St. Joe’s Univ Church, Main
– Tues, Unmasking NYS’s Living Chamber of Death, 11-1pm Rafi Greene Center
– Thurs, Truth Commission on Poverty 6-8pm, At SEIU1199 Main St Office, 2421 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14214. POOR PEOPLE’S CAMPAIGN!!!

Hasta pronto!


#StillResisting Weekend ******

*Sun, 1/21:
– Sign-Making Party for Women’s Solidarity March, Noon-1:30pm, WNYPC/NRC, 1272 Delaware, 14209