Sat. May 6 Immigrants Solidarity March – and more event listings

Dear Friends 716-332-3904 716-931-3520

Today’s May Day Unite & Resist is cancelled due to hurricane watch!

Many thanks to the many who made the People’s Solidarity Climate Rally so positive and strong (see post and fb event page). Thanks too to Activists of Buffalo’s Johanna C. Dominguez who took this and so many great pictures of people coming out to Defend the Sacred, protecting People and the Planet.

We will continue with the National Days of Action this Saturday with the Immigrants Solidarity March/Rally on May 6, 1pm. If we are weathered out with the rain, cold, or other climate events, we’ll hold the entire event at Pilgrim-St Luke’s (Richmond & Utica). Watch our and fb event page to keep posted

Many Thanks, Peace, Solidarity, and yes Love. Cresley, Kate, Peggy, Vicki, and All

#ClimateMarch “Great . . . Beautiful”

We are so grateful to the many who worked, planned, and came out to give wonderful energy to protect People and the Planet at the People’s Solidarity Climate March here, the DC March, and all over the country!!

We’re especially grateful to our inspiring and insightful speakers – Dr. Michael E. Mann, Cong. Brian Higgins, Julie Barrett-O’Neill, Bill Nowak, the Lifesavers (don’t miss these heartening young people!!), Jessica Meyers-Altman, Agnes Williams – Seneca, Brandon Absher – and to Ismail & Co for the great music! And to our wonderful photographers, Johanna C. Dominguez (Activists of Buffalo on FB) and Alexis Oltmer (Univ @ Bflo: Bachelors of Photography). Our tablers, cosponsors, peacekeepers/guides, Brandi Jensen (videographer), the media (great coverage) …  A most special Nya weh too to our dear Indigenous friends Maria Maybee, Water Protector, and Agnes Williams, Seneca, Indigenous Women’s Initiative, for opening and closing.

Many many thanks to all who came out – estimates average 500. But however many, all who were able to come out were DEFENDING THE SACRED!! and as we have heard from Rev Dr King “… Unarmed Truth and Unconditional Love will have the final word in reality …” That’s why we shall overcome!

Ground-breaking Dr. Mann @tomorrow’s Climate March 1pm NiagSq

Dear Friends 716-332-3904 716-931-3520

We’re so excited to continue with the National Days of Action this
Saturday (Climate) and next (Immigrants). Don’t miss the stellar
climatologist Dr. Mann tomorrow!! More events follow that detailed

Note two changes in the week’s event planning: this Saturday’s march is
from Niagara Square to the MARINA, and the previously scheduled May 3 No
Press No Freedom event is cancelled.

Many Thanks, Peace, Solidarity, and Love. Cresley, Kate, Peggy, Vicki, & All

Please join us tomorrow, 4/29, at the **People’s Solidarity Climate March
(Niag Sq to Marina)** in National Day of Action. **Dr. Michael Mann,
Renown Seminal Climatologist, will speak.** We’ll gather 1pm with tabling,
at Niag Sq. The Rally (w/Indigenous opening, Dr. Mann, and other speaers
and music) starts 1:30pm.

2pm-ish: March will go (southeast) down Niagara to go south on Franklin,
to Erie St, Marine Drive and along the Lake to the Marina Peace Garden for
brief gathering; then back the way we came, to Niagara Sq (est 3pm) for
more rallying, music, and speakers including an Indigenous closing.

Dr. Mann is was a key researcher in putting for the “hockey stick” graph