Last chance to stop Cuomo tax TODAY; Speakout tomorrow; and more

Dear Friends,

We are still trying to come to grips with the past week!

The wonderful was apparent in our dinner with Speaker Aly Wane, and the
Thousand strong Humanity over Oppression, Peace & Unity rally in Niagara
Square on Sunday. Thanks to the many of you who came out! But the terrible
is evidenced by the election of a man who has shown himself to lack
integrity, and who frequently disrespects and even attacks people, is of
grave concern. We need to take action to ensure a healthy and just
direction for our country!

Please get actively involved!! It is our courageous stand that will make
all the difference!!

Speak Out Gathering for Ethical Peace Officers: Special Guest – Theodore Kirkland

Thursday, Nov 17, 7-9pm, Old First Ward Community Ctr, 62 Republic St, Bflo.
Special guest Theodore Kirkland, author of Spirit and Soul, Journey of a
Black Man in America, spoke on his experience of being trained by and for the Military Police in the 1950’s
and for the Buffalo police force in the 1960’s. About two dozen people came out and heard an eloquent account by Mr. Kirkland. He is a true community servant and activist, as well as being a truth-teller. Racial Justice Taskforce Chair Heron Simmonds set a safe space for frank conversation amongst all present, including the three police officers who attended. We look forward to the continuation of this monthly event when it resumes in January 2017 after the holidays.