WNYPC 49th Annual Dinner

You’ll want to order your tickets (see above) to the WNY Peace Center Dinner, Friday 11-11-2016 (Armistice Day), with Aly Wane, UndocuBlack speaking on “Where do we go from here?” after the election! An evening not to be missed, coming right up (New policy this year: tickets need to be purchased in advance – it’s easy above!) What a time it will be!

Buffalo Stands with Standing Rock!

Approximately 150 people gathered to Stand in Solidarity with Standing Rock, outside the Army Corps of Engineers on Monday. It was an inspired and energizing gathering, including ideas such as Water is Life;

Re-Purposing War $$ to Environmental $$

The benefits of re-purposing $30 billion from the Pentagon to the environment…

We can reverse climate change if we switch war spending to environmental and climate restoration.

(From the Institute for Policy Studies)