Camp Peaceprints – Summer, 2016


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Weekly Update – July 27, 2016

WNY Peace Center Weekly Update – July 27, 2016 Contact: 716-332-3904

Dear Friends and Members,

Below are items of special note:
* Camp Peaceprints – July 18-29
Thanks to all who made this a great year for Camp Peaceprints!

* Still welcoming volunteers to the PC office! Please call if interested: 716 332-3904.

* Are you are interested in beautiful Mayan textiles? See LASC announcements below

Thanks for all you do!

Peaceful Conflict Resolution
Interfaith Prayer Service in response to the eruption of violence in this country and around the world. A Jewish rabbi, a Muslim imam and Rev. Craig Pridgen, will join Monsignor Robert E. Zapfel, pastor of St. Leo’s, in reading their sacred texts and offering prayers.
Thursday July 28, 7pm. St. Leo the Great Catholic Church, 885 Sweet Home Road, Amherst. All are welcome.

Environmental Justice Taskforce
Clean Up the Clean Energy Standard
Next Monday August 1, New York’s energy regulators may approve an electric rate increase on all New York’s energy consumers. The plan would cost $7-10 billion to prop up NY’s unprofitable nuclear plants. Without these subsidies, nuclear plants cannot compete with renewable energy and will close. But under the guise of “Clean Energy,” the nuclear industry is about to get its hands on our money in order to save its own profits, at the expense of public health and safety – unless we speak up right now.
Thousands of New Yorkers, over 120 organizations, and dozens of elected officials have gone on record opposing the plan. But the Governor has not backed down. Now we need to raise the pressure by flooding his office with phone calls.
Please call Governor Cuomo today: (518) 474-8390
Click here for some simple instructions and sample call scripts you can use when you call:
Every dollar spent on nuclear subsidies is a dollar out of the pocket of New York’s electricity consumers — residents, businesses, and municipalities. This is money that could instead go to supporting energy affordability, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and a just transition to a clean energy economy.
For more information, visit and stay up to date on the AGREE Facebook page. Please contact Alliance for a Green Economy, , if you have any questions.

Please send YOUR message to the Public Service Commision

New York can do better WITHOUT nuclear power
The Environmental Justice Taskforce would like to share with you this letter from Tim Judson, Executive Director, Nuclear Information and Resources Service
July 20, 2016
Dear Friends in New York,
Your actions this past week have given New Yorkers nearly an extra week (until Friday) to make our voices heard.
Now we need to send a strong message to the Public Service Commission (PSC) opposing the $7.6 billion nuclear tax.
The PSC is still planning to vote on the bailout on August 1, and we need as many New Yorkers as possible to load the public comment record with as much opposition as possible.
There are so many reasons to oppose this bailout, but what it boils down to is this:
New York would waste 12 years and $7.6 billion of state residents’ money on propping up dirty, dangerous, uneconomical, old reactors–which are going to shutdown anyway–instead of spending that time and money building the clean, green economy we need.
Tell the PSC to drop the nuclear tax, let these dirty, dangerous, old reactors shut down, and double down on the real clean energy solutions.
So why is the PSC doing this? What the commission and Governor Cuomo say is that the state can’t meet its ambitious goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions if nuclear power plants shut down.
That’s bogus. The state has produced not a shred of evidence that that is the case.
In fact, the PSC is relying on an industry-funded report that is so full of holes, you couldn’t play tennis with it. It seems more and more that this is about politics: Exelon’s vast lobbying and PR machine, and two upstate communities desperate to save local jobs and property taxes.
Tell the PSC there is no “nuclear bridge” to clean energy–the only bridge to clean energy is … clean energy!
Here’s the truth: New York can do better WITHOUT nuclear power–preventing nuclear accidents, ending the creation of radioactive waste, reducing carbon emissions faster, creating more jobs, and creating real solutions for nuclear workers and their communities.
No need to spend $7.6 billion bailing out nuclear power. Save energy and make New Yorkers’ lives easier. Build our green economy faster and create more jobs, with more investment in clean energy. And actually help nuclear workers and their communities make the transition.
So please BOTH take action AND get the word out to your friends and social networks TODAY.
Together, we can stop this outrageous nuclear bailout. We will keep you posted on more actions to take in the coming days.
Thanks for all you do!
Tim Judson
Executive Director

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