Staff and Interns

Vicki portrait 3x4-1 Victoria Ross
Victoria Ross, Executive Director of the WNY Peace Center, is a social worker and peace activist. She does Peaceful Conflict Resolution – which of course includes a just solution – in settings as diverse as in schools, on the street, in governmental offices, and/or in the community.

Vicki often focuses on children and youth, co-facilitating PeaceJam Buffalo, and Camp Peaceprints; she offers a variety of workshops for children, youth, and adults – especially including Nonviolent Direct Action.

Vicki was one of the Hancock 38 (arrested over drones operated outside Syracuse). She is a frequent op-ed writer and interviewee, and also consults for the Interfaith Peace Network.

A Qualified Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Master Social Worker (MSW from Boston University), Vicki also has has a Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy with a concentration in International Economic Development from Tufts University’s Fletcher School, as well as a Diplôme from the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva, Switzerland. She also plays jazz (strings and keyboards), and uses yoga for dog whispering.


Peggy Matteliano

Peggy is Office Co-Manager. As a graphic design artist, she makes sure our written materials are clear and beautifully laid out. As a hard worker and well organized person, she keeps our office humming accomplishing the many tasks and initiatives we’ve undertaken. And as a truly compassionate woman devoted to making this world a better place, she is an inspiration to members, the board, and our many allies and friends who work with her.

Peggy doesn’t confine her compassion to the human world – she’s also keeps her cats happy and healthy, and connects with animals and the natural world. Her artistry also includes jewelry making and visual art. Peggy is a wonderful mother, partner, and community activist, helping all to grow and thrive to create a better society and world for all. We would miss Peggy more than we say, except that due to her real devotion to the WNYPC, she’ll continue to be involved. We’re always grateful for Peggy!!

Bonnie Golden-Lindsey

Bonnie is Office Co-Manager. Bonnie is an experienced office administrator. She’s worked for the county. She has a lot of experience arranging projects and events. Systematizing, organizing, and managing is second nature to Bonnie. She’s also a devoted and caring community member and family member. Bonnie’s sense of justice, her extreme kindness, and her commitment to the struggle round out the many ways she contributes to the work at hand. Bonnie has been



Cresley Lederhouse is an undergraduate at Niagara University. Her social work studies required some 30 community service hours, which she chose to do at the WNY Peace Center. She’s so devoted to the work and the community that she’s continuing her work with us. Cresley is intelligent, caring, hard-working, and inspiring in her fresh and open approach to the one struggle. We couldn’t be happier about having Cresley on board!!


Born and raised in Buffalo, Kate Meehan will be embarking this September on a Ph.D. in American Studies at UB, part of the Transnational Studies Department. She is currently finishing a diploma in Peace and Justice Studies at Selkirk College in British Columbia, for which her internship at the WNY Peace Center is a final requirement. In 2015, she graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Gender and Women’s Studies from York University (Toronto). Kate is a compassionate, insightful, and highly motivated worker for peace and justice. She very cognizant of the inter-relatedness of our many issues, and committed to the parallel process necessary to be the change that causes the changes we all need. We are grateful to have Kate on our team!!

Dylan Schlosser is a University @ Buffalo School of Social Work Advanced standing Intern. He is committed to Human Rights and Trauma-Informed Programs, in sync with both his own perspective as well as that of the UBSSW. He is contributing greatly to many aspects of the WNYPC work, with special concentration on Gender Justice and LGBTQIA issues, as well as the Immigrant & Refugee Justice Taskforce. He co-led the Trauma to Healing workshop at the Anne Frank Project’s Social Justice Conference, and will present on DACA issues at Hobart-William Smith College in Geneva. Dylan will graduate with an MSW in the Spring. We’re so glad to be working with Dylan – he brings a fresh perspective in many great ways!!